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Chiropractic FAQs

I've heard that chiropractic adjustments are dangerous. Is it true?


The chiropractic adjustment (a high-velocity, low-amplitude force directed to specific joints) requires the integration of anatomical knowledge, biomechanical understanding, and a high degree of skill.

As with any medical procedures, there is a risk associated with the chiropractic adjustment. The highest concern is related to injuries after a cervical adjustment: according to research, there is a one in one million chance resulting in cerebrovascular accidents, with half having a fatal outcome. Having said that, it is worth noting that “compared to other treatments used for similar conditions, these rates are 200 times lower than the rates reported for gastrointestinal bleeding due to the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Gabriel SE et al. 1991, Dabbs V et al. 1995, Deyo RA et al. 1992, Malter AD et al. 1998).

In such cases, the individuals performing the adjustments were usually not professionally trained chiropractors.

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