Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy
"Health doesn’t come in a bottle, nor does it come with a gym membership. Health is a state of well-being that includes acceptance of the whole body and mind.”

In today’s world, the human body faces many challenges in attaining and maintaining optimal health. For example, working in stressful jobs that regularly require overtime can cause a whole range of malfunctions, from disruption in the secretion of hormones, to strained working postures, sleep disorders and family discord. While the body has a high tolerance for stress and strain, there comes a point where the imbalance is too pronounced, resulting in impairment, pain or both.

We believe that a health care approach that includes personalized treatment and education is the key to empowering patients to live healthier lives.

We explore the many factors that cause pain in the first place, investigating options for not only stopping pain, but preventing it in the first place. This is a wholistic approach to health that looks at everything from improving lifestyle factors such as working posture, nutrition and exercise, to ensuring mental wellness.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide excellent chiropractic care by being dedicated to patient education, communicating effectively with other health care professionals and continually improving our professional standards.

Value Statement

For our patients, we will:
  • Be empathetic towards their boundaries
  • Respect their time and priorities (i.e. minimize waiting time)
  • Value their feedback
For our staff, we will:
  • Promote open communication at all times
  • Provide each team member with the training and guidance he/she needs to deliver outstanding patient care and service
  • Operate ethically at all times, basing our clinical recommendations on the best available evidence and clinical necessity
For our referring colleagues, we will:
  • Build confidence that their patients will receive the best chiropractic care
  • Communicate effectively to ensure clear understanding of patients’ progress
  • Collaborate by cross-referral to achieve better patient care