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Exercise Therapy


We employ a low-tech approach to exercise therapy that includes floor exercises, free weights, elastic resistance exercises, aerobics and core stabilization movements. This means the exercises can be easily replicated at home, with little or no equipment. Each programme is tailored to the needs and abilities of each patient and is communicated in one-on-one therapy sessions. Progress is closely monitored throughout the treatment programme by both our chiropractor and exercise therapist.

Exercise Therapy
Exercise Therapy

Why do chiropractors prescribe exercises?

Exercise therapy is an integral part of spinal healthcare and injury recovery. A personalized exercise therapy program can reduce pain and develop a patient’s flexibility, strength and stamina.

Author: Dr Claudia Ng, BSc, DC

* A proper diagnosis has to be obtained for all of the above conditions before an appropriate combination of treatments will be provided. This is just a list of possible treatments for the individual condition but not all of them may be necessary, nor is it limited to those listed only.

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