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The flexion-distraction technique is a method for performing spinal decompression using a Hill® treatment table.

Why do chiropractors perform the flexion-distraction technique?

The flexion-distraction technique is a gentle and effective treatment especially for conditions that show signs of nerve impingement:

How is the flexion-distraction technique performed?

The patient's legs are strapped down and a gentle traction force is applied to the spine. The doctor stabilizes the spine with one hand while a series of light flexion force is applied to individual segments. This technique provides decompression to specific joints and reduces pressure to the inflammed discs and spinal nerves.

Author: Dr Claudia Ng, BSc, DC

* A proper diagnosis has to be obtained for all of the above conditions before an appropriate combination of treatments will be provided. This is just a list of possible treatments for the individual condition but not all of them may be necessary, nor is it limited to those listed only.

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