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Lower back & leg Stretches helps unlock your lower back, unblock nerves

Poor posture and sitting for too long can cause stiffness in the lower back muscles, spinal joint misalignment and arthritis with the growth of bone spurs. Compression of the lumbar nerve roots may also cause sciatica. These simple exercises are easy to remember. Note that by stretching the leg muscles, you may unlock the lower back and pelvis so as to restore their normal ranges of motion and unblock any compressed nerves. If symptoms persist, please consult your chiropractor for a detailed examination, diagnosis and treatment.

Lower Back & Leg Stretching Exercises

  1. Knee hug
  2. Windshield wiper
  3. Child’s pose
  4. Supine Spinal twist
  5. Gluteals Stretch
  6. Hamstrings Stretch
  7. Hip Flexors Stretch
  8. Adductors Stretch
  9. Calves Stretch

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