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Say goodbye to headaches with neck, shoulders and upper back stretches

Prolonged use of computer and mobile phone for work and gaming can lead to stiff neck and even tension headache. The forward head posture, aka anterior head carriage, increases muscle strain along the neck and compression in the joints, speeding up their degeneration. Tight chest muscles combined with hunch back and rounded shoulders lead to upper-cross syndrome. Neck, shoulder and upper back stretches can help prevent and alleviate all of the above conditions. If symptoms persist, please consult your chiropractor for a detailed examination, diagnosis and treatment.

Neck and Shoulder Exercises

  1. Neck Stretch
  2. Pectoral Stretch
  3. Shoulder Roll
  4. Upper Back Stretch
  5. Latissimus Stretch
  6. Upper Back Strengthening (1)
  7. Upper Back Strengthening (2) / Cactus

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