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Dr Claudia Ng - How to Stay active and fit during the epidemic Part 2 - Cardiovascular and Strengthening Exercises

Many people think that it is necessary to go to the gym or outdoors for cardiovascular and strengthening exercises

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Dr Claudia Ng - How to Stay active and fit during the epidemic Part 1 - Stretching Exercises

During the Coronavirus outbreak, most people are spending more time indoors. To keep active and to boost our immunity, we can do some exercises at home.

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Dr. Claudia Ng - Migraines: what causes them, who gets them and how to treat them – medication or meditation (SCMP Interview)

Simon Cowell, Elle Macpherson, Ben Affleck and Janet Jackson are just four celebrities that suffer from one of the world’s most common diseases: migraine. We look at this debilitating condition and its causes and treatments

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Dr. Claudia Ng - How to Prevent Back Pain from Back Packs of School Children

Back packs may seem harmless and even appear beneficial to school children. In many ways, these are actually very useful and convenient for young kids going to school who need to carry their books

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Dr. Claudia Ng - Four ways on how to Straighten up when you are Pregnant

Pregnancy is often associated with spine and pelvis discomfort with postural changes. Yet keeping your spine up straight is the more important in this period!

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Dr. Claudia Ng - Common Pain Series: 1. Headache

According to statistics from the World Health Organization, 47% of the general population has suffered from headache at least once in the past year


Dr. Claudia Ng - All You Need to Know About Neck Pain

Neck pain is a very common ailment in today's working environment.  The incidence is “generally higher in women, higher in high-income countries compared with low- and middle-income countries and higher in urban areas compared with rural areas.

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Dr. Claudia Ng - Sleeping Position Tips That Help The Spine

Many people are not aware that many of the things they usually do can trigger neck pain. Some of the discomfort may stem from long term habits while others may happen suddenly due to trauma or injury.


Dr. Claudia Ng - The Growing Problem of Lower Back Pain

The prevalence of Lower back pain has reached epidemic level. Research shows that its incidence is second only to the common cold.