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Dr. Claudia Ng - Outdoor Activities That Cause Neck Pain

Many people are not aware that many of the things they usually do can trigger neck pain. Some of the discomfort may stem from long term habits while others may happen suddenly due to trauma or injury.

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Dr. Claudia Ng - How to Improve Productivity with Your Workstation Layout

Boosting productivity actually has a lot to do with the way you arrange things in your office or workplace. Many people will appreciate how much more time and energy they can save when they learn the proper mechanics.

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Dr. Claudia Ng - 5 Common Causes of Low Back Pain

Low back pain has become a common physical ailment that affects everyone.

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Dr. Claudia Ng - How to look and feel great with good posture

When our spinal muscles are strong they can hold up our body in an upright position. Likewise, when they are weak, they get loose and fail to resist the downward pull of gravity, and we will end up in a bad posture.

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Dr. Claudia Ng - Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?

Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, can be made by our bodies when we absorb sunlight. While it’s well-known for its role in the healthy development and growth of bones

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Dr. Claudia Ng - Good vs Bad Postures

Can you tell bad postures from good ones? Do you have any bad postural habits that you're not aware of?

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Dr. Claudia Ng - Overweight and Low Back Pain

A recent study from the University of Hong Kong of more than 2500 Hong Kong men and women shows that overweight is associated with increased risk of

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Dr. Claudia Ng - Yogurt Consumption Helps Reduce Weight, Body Fat

Can you imagine eating yogurt can help you lose weight? Research has shown that consuming yogurt 3 times daily for 12 weeks in addition to a reduced-calorie diet results in more weight lost than those only on a reduced-calorie diet.